How to Use SELF-COACHING to Propel You to the Next Level | Discover A New Future

Self-coaching is a lifelong learning process that helps you to stay connected to who you are. The benefits of self-coaching are many. For instance, it brings awareness of your strengths and capabilities, increase your self-confidence as you become more self-aware, help you to set healthy boundaries and standards -  to name a few. Discover A New Future's Messages in a Tin is one such self-coaching tool. These are inspiring quotes and thought-provoking questions to help you adjust and look inward as you navigate your hectic life.



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Wellness 101 blog | Discover A New Future
Let’s begin this post by answering the question, “What is wellness?” Well, when I asked Google I received 952,000,000 results! Okay, after looking at various definitions, I came across one from the University of Arkansas that I feel encompasses what...
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