QUESTION: Is this specific product appropriate for men?
ANSWER: Yes, they are appropriate for men. Although our target audience are women we have quite a number of customers who are men.

QUESTION: How many different scripture verses there are, and how many cards in total?
ANSWER: The Scripture Booster Messages in a Tin has 52 cards total and each card has a scripture verse for different things that we experience in life and reminders of God's love! The other Messages in a Tin in the series - Ponder This! and Discover A New Future don't have scripture verses.

QUESTION: Could you customize a set of cards for my business?
ANSWER: This is a tricky question. So the answer will be in two parts.
We do NOT create products to meet specific business's needs. For instance, if someone is a breathwork practitioner and want messages with 52 quotes about breathing, we would NOT be able to do this.
We DO customize the existing cards as giveaways for weddings and other special occasions by putting the name of the couple or the company information on the back of each card for an additional cost. IMPORTANT - This is only for quantities greater than 200 units.

QUESTION: How long does it take to ship customized orders?
ANSWER: This depends on the quality. Printing is done off site so this has to be taken into consideration. We have had orders that have taken up to 2 weeks based upon the quantity.

QUESTION: If I sent you a list of names and addresses, could you mail the gift to them directly?
ANSWER: Yes, we can mail purchases to recipients who are not the purchaser of the item at no additional cost. HOWEVER, if a bulk quantity of items are purchased and you would like for us to individually input the recipients' name and mailing address and send to them, there will be an additional cost of doing so. Corporate customers usually request this service because it is too time consuming to input purchases for each client individually.

QUESTION: Do you process international orders?
ANSWER: We usually do but due to the pandemic, all international orders are suspended until further notice.